Diversifying Travel Marketing: How can brands connect with an increasingly diverse consumer market?

Diversifying Travel Marketing: How can brands connect with an increasingly diverse consumer market?

30 Oct 2020, 15:30 - 16:30

London Travel Week Virtual

Travel Marketing, Advertising and Media have historically and predominantly been geared towards one homogenous group. With an increased awareness and value placed on diversity following the #MeToo movements and the events surrounding #BlackLivesMatter there has been a lot of discussion around diversity, inclusion and what does good inclusive marketing that reaches diverse audience looks like. 

This session will examine how brands can connect and engage with diverse audiences, building authentic brand partnerships as well as case studies and insights from the industry.

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  • Jamie-Lee Abtar


    Executive Director

    BAME Women in Travel CIC

    Jamie-Lee Abtar is the Executive Director of BAME Women in Travel CIC, Marketing, Media and Global Brand Partnership Professional who has worked with...

  • Cecelia Adjei


    Brand Partnership Manager

    Visit Britain

    Cecelia manages global brand partnerships across areas of film, sport, fashion, food and music at VisitBritain, the national tourism agency for...

  • Nathan Cable


    CEO & Co-Founder

    Party Hard Travel

    Party Hard Travel http://www.partyhardtravel.com/ aim to provide guests with the ‘best week of their lives’. Incorporating the biggest events/parties...

  • Uwern Jong



    OutThere Magazine

    Uwern Jong is the Experientialist-in-Chief of luxury and experiential travel journal rooted in diversity, discovery and discernment, OutThere...

  • Naledi Khabo


    Chief Executive

    Africa Tourism Association

    Naledi K. Khabo is a global strategy leader with over 25 years’ experience within Operations, Marketing & Technology.  Naledi currently serves as...

  • Stephanie Kovach


    Global Business Manager - Travel


    Stephanie’s passion for marketing can be traced back over a decade where she spent significant time working for brands like Amazon, Live Nation,...