#TourismStrong: Sustainable Recovery Solutions

#TourismStrong: Sustainable Recovery Solutions

31 Oct 2020, 15:00 - 16:00

London Travel Week Virtual

The global pandemic has dramatically revealed the fragility of the tourism industry, but the shared experience has highlighted the power of partnership, collaboration and sustainable tourism practices to guide the way to a stronger future together. 

Showcasing inspiring, real-life examples from GLP Films’ successful #TourismStrong Video Series, Rob Holmes will highlight communities and destinations adapting, innovating, and overcoming these challenging times. Learn from global travel industry peers, who are rising to the challenges of the pandemic to build a stronger, more sustainable future, and how storytelling can help in tourism recovery.  

Join us to explore how the travel trade can:

Use community-based tourism models to preserve and share cultural heritage and unique habitats sustainably.

Develop new products and experiences rooted in nature to respond to consumer demand.

Create a collaborative business model to share resources with local supply chains and build a stronger, more resilient domestic market.

Highlight outdoors, adventure and safety to attract responsible travelers.

This webinar will be followed by a series of videos, showcasing; 

Thailand: A village on the Andaman Coast chose community-based tourism and conservation as the best strategy to rebuild and recover following the 2004 tsunami. CBT not only preserved the cultural heritage and strengthened their community, it proved to be a resilient model providing community strength against the worst impacts of the pandemic painfully felt by more tourism dependent destinations. 

Ecuador: Transformational travel. Creating new products not just to respond to consumer demand, but also to provide restorative experiences connected to nature. 

USA: Three regional tourism boards in the State of Maine join forces to create a story-driven campaign to promote inbound travel. In response to travel restrictions imposed by Covid-19, the campaign made a successful pivot for in-state travel. 

Georgia: By leading with community first, a strong and collaborative hospitality industry united for the common goal of safety and survival during the pandemic, working together to bring sustainable travel back to Georgia. By introducing an innovative program to attract remote workers, Georgia is leading the way to a sustainable recovery for their tourism industry. 

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