Bringing Your Brand to Life with Video Content

Bringing Your Brand to Life with Video Content

31 Oct 2020, 13:00 - 14:00

London Travel Week Virtual

This session will be packed full of ideas on how the travel industry can use video and image content better to promote their services much more effectively. In this exclusive webinar Mary Pratt of the Caviar Spoon Rebelle will interview TV Producer and MD of The Presenter Studio, a content production and presenter coaching business, Gareth Davies who has worked with top brands like Nike, ASOS, Vogue, Red Bull and a long list of TV stars. They’ll discuss how to capture the true essence of your brand in content that makes your business and experience stand out from the rest, helping you secure customers, discussing content for websites and social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

“I believe the travel industry are missing so many tricks in using video to promote themselves. So, if you want to hear some fresh, exciting and challenging ideas please come to this webinar.” Gareth Davies, The Presenter Studio.

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  • Mary Pratt



    Caviar Spoon Rebelle

    Mary Pratt is Founder of The Caviar Spoon a unique net-positive ecosystem where Brand collaboration flourishes.  She is one of a new generation of...

  • Gareth Davies


    Managing Director

    The Presenter Studio

    Gareth Davies is MD of The Presenter Studio, a content creation and presenter coaching business.  Gareth has over 20 years experience working in the...