The London Travel Week Virtual Press and PR Summit

The London Travel Week Virtual Press and PR Summit

05 Nov 2020, 14:00 - 17:00

London Travel Week Virtual

The London Travel Week Virtual Press and PR Summit will bring together some of the biggest names in travel and tourism PR for an instructive and knowledge based insight session. 

With speakers from the PRCA, AM+A Media Marketing Relations, Finn Partners, Lotus and Hills Balfour, those that are attending will learn the best practices for helping their businesses to rebound and recover into 2021. Each of the agencies will be bringing along some of their top clients to add to the discussion and it will give attendees the chance to hear from these agencies and destinations before booking their meetings as part of WTM Virtual the week afterwards. 

Session 1: Why investing in PR is critical to influencing consumer behaviour and government policies

Sponsored by Finn Partners


Session 2: Introduction & Building a New PR Purpose in Tourism - product proposition, digital tools & the online tourism economy

Sponsored by AM+A Marketing & Media Relations, PRCA and ICCO

This panel talk will cover content building & the evolution of PR. Learn about online automation, how destination brands can be utilised to stimulate local economies and the role PR will play in the future. Our panelists will also discuss key tools for the industry ranging from traditional publicity to purpose-led content, SEO and new online tools.


Session 3: Using data and intelligent PR to drive sales in the current climate

Sponsored by Lotus

 The session ‘Using data and intelligent PR to drive sales in the current climate’ will look at the ever-growing and intrinsic relationship between data and storytelling.

Drawing on client examples and hearing from Nick Cooper we will explore how the increasing use of data in PR is steering strategies and campaigns and how data-led PR is the most accurate, cost-effective way to ensure sales in this challenging time.


Session 4: PR in a Pandemic 

Sponsored by MMGY Hills Balfour

Led by MMGY Hills Balfour, this panel session will discuss the role of PR in a pandemic, taking a deeper dive into how travel companies should be communicating in an ever-changing world. As consumers look at travel through a heightened lens of protection, we must harness this unique moment to collaboratively build confidence. Trust, as they say, is the new currency of travel. As we continue on the road to recovery, credible communications, serving up travel inspiration alongside reputable information, will be the vehicle to earn such trust.

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  • Debbie Flynn


    Managing Partner

    Finn Partners

    Debbie Flynn was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Brighter Group, now Finn Partners Travel, and has been cited by the PR Week Power...

  • Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir



    Visit Iceland

    Sigga has been with Promote Iceland for four years,working on different aspects of promoting the destination through its various pillars. Before...

  • Claire Irvin


    Head of Travel

    Daily Telegraph

    Claire Irvin is Head of Travel at the Daily Telegraph where she and her team of top travel experts are focused on engaging, informing and inspiring...

  • Julia Lo Bue-Said



    Advantage Travel Partnership

    Travel industry leader, Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO of Advantage Travel Partnership has been at the forefront of the travel industry’s plight throughout...

  • Frank Marr


    Travel and Tourism Chairman of the PRCA

    AM+A Marketing & Media Relations

    An agency Managing Director committed to a new form of PR and marketing which focuses on prioritising results-led sustainability and creativity....

  • Justin Gibbons



    Bridging the Brand Gap

    In 2018 and 2019, Justin co-authored the publications The Brand Gap and Bridging the Brand Gap with Tony Regan, his partner at Work Research. In 2020...

  • Jules Ugo


    Managing Director


    Jules joined LOTUS in 2007, after nearly ten years at board-level with other leading agencies, to establish the PR division of LOTUS and has grown...

  • Nick Cooper


    Head of Market for the UK

    HolidayPirates Group

    Nick Cooper is Head of Market for the UK for the HolidayPirates Group.  Nick started working in the travel industry when he left university 14 years...



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