The World Responsible Tourism Awards

The World Responsible Tourism Awards

04 Nov 2020, 11:30 - 11:45

London Travel Week Virtual

Addressing the Challenge of Covid 19  

The ambition of the Awards has always been to recognise businesses and destinations which are making tourism better and to spread good practice – to educate, inspire and challenge others to do likewise or do more.

In this year, when the world faces a global pandemic, it seemed inappropriate to continue with the World Responsible Tourism Awards as usual. It is not Business as Usual, and the crisis is likely to continue for some time.

This year the judges decided to commend businesses and destinations which are taking responsibility and addressing the challenge of Covid-19. This year there are Highly Commended and Commended businesses and destinations. The judges wanted to recognise those who have taken responsibility and addressed the many challenges of the pandemic. 

The usual proviso applies, the judges can only select from amongst those that are nominated. This year it was a one-step process so that some of the nominations came from clients, the public or partners and we did go back to those nominated with a detailed application form. We knew that everyone was under pressure this year, and we wanted to make the process of application as simple as possible.  There was a considerable variation in the amount of detail in the nominations; this will have affected the judges' decisions. 

These destinations, businesses, organisations and individuals are amongst those who took responsibility in the year of Covid-19 and sought to help others cope in the pandemic. 

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